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Paper Airplanes: SSTs and Stealth

Sleek, beautiful, mach speed craft. Inspiried by super sonic transport aircraft and military stealth fighters.

 Jaguar Plane Image

Jaguar Paper Airplane

This sleek looking craft reminds of the U2, the USA spy plane that flew high quietly during the cold war.


 Panther Plane Image

Panther Paper Airplane

Looking very much like the real stealth bomber, this craft flies long distances in silence as a stealth craft must.


 Cheetah Plane Image

Cheetah Paper Airplane

A stealth craft in the truest sense of the word this unique wedge-shaped design reminds you of the B-1B bomber.


 Leopard Plane Image

Leopard Paper Airplane

Perhaps the most beautiful of all the craft presented here, this futuristic looking SST requires careful folding and flying.


 Puma Plane Image

Puma Paper Airplane

Modeled after the Concorde, this SST requires some folding skill to complete properly and is well worth the effort.