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How To Make 50 Cool and Amazing Paper Airplanes

Step by step instructions, with illustrations and videos on how to fold all 50 paper airplanes. We don't just show you how to make a paper airplane. We give easy to follow instructions to create 50 different paper airplane designs.


Paper Airplanes: Darts

How To Make Dart Paper Airplanes (5 models)

Darts are easy to fold schoolyard paper airplanes that the kid in you wants. Easy to fold, easy to fly for almost immediate gratification.

 Paper Airplanes: Gliders

How To Make Glider Paper Airplanes (5 models)

Gliders are floaters and continue to fly over long distances. Gliders fly better in calm environments, best in large indoor spaces if possible.

 Paper Airplanes: Jets and Bombers

How To Make Jet and Bomber Paper Airplanes (5)

Jets and Bombers are A-1 style military aircraft paper airplanes that could help you release the inner child in you. Dog fights and bomb runs aren't hard to visualize with these cool paper airplanes.

 Paper Airplanes: SSTs and Stealth

How To Make SSTs and Stealth Paper Airplanes (5)

If sleek lines and high speeds are what makes your heart beat faster, these planes are for you. They're not that easy to fold but the results are impressive once you learn how to fold the.

 Paper Airplanes: Starships

How To Make Starships Paper Airplanes (5)

With Starship paper airplanes, you can aim for the stars. These exotic paper airplanes are truly amazing and beautiful. And they fly too!

 Paper Airplanes: Flying Wings

How To Make Flying Wing Paper Airplanes (5)

Flying wings are designed for great lift to give a long, straight and stable flights. The secret is the wide wing spans and the small bodies.

 Paper Airplanes: Delta Wings

How To Make Delta Wing Paper Airplanes (5)

Delta Wings are paper airplanes with triangular wings and varying control surfaces give them an unusual look and extraordinary flying style.

 Paper Airplanes: Canard Flyers

How To Make Canard Flyer Paper Airplanes (5)

Canard flyers have forward swept winglets for an extre dose of agility. Fun to fly paper airplanes with acrobatic flights patterns and loops.

 Paper Airplanes: Fighters

How To Make Fighter Paper Airplanes (5)

Inspired by real fighter planes, these paper airplanes have the feel and the moves or real fighter planes. Watch these planes do jet fighter flight manuevers.

 Paper Airplanes: Research Craft

How To Make Research Craft Paper Airplanes (5)

These are experimental exotic paper airplanes that require a high level of accuracy in folding. You will also need to be skilled in throwing. Your efforts in building these planes will be rewarded as these are really impressive paper airplanes like no other.

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when i open the file it gives the message that no data received or the page you requested is not available


Its so gooooooooooood!!!!!!!!


Great Website:)


mercury is so cool


the barracuda flies very well
it flies in a straight line

Chesnut is easy

My favorite is the Chesnut. I like how it glides. When I fly it it floats in the air Glides either left or right, depending on the side that you put most force on when throwing it.


This is so hard this is for my science class!!!

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class project

Does anyone know a good paper airplane that flies as far as 35 meters?

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you know who else makes paper air planes ..... MY MUM

these planes are cool

i have been making these planes for two days now they are awesome :)

woo hoo

all done in about 1 day

Re: Reply to the Great Post

The most significant use of paper models in aircraft designs were by the Wright brothers between 1899 and 1903, the date of the first powered flight from Kill Devil Hills, by the Wright Flyer. The Wrights used a wind tunnel to gain knowledge of the forces which could be used to control an aircraft in flight. They built numerous paper models, and tested them within their wind tunnel. By observing the forces produced by flexing the heavy paper models within the wind tunnel, the Wrights determined that control through flight surfaces by warping would be most effective, and in action identical to the later hinged aileron and elevator surfaces used today. Their paper models were very important in the process of moving on to progressively larger models, kites, gliders and ultimately on to the powered Flyer (in conjunction with the development of lightweight petrol engines). In this way, the paper model plane remains a very important key in the graduation from model to manned heavier-than-air flight. PaPER PLanes Enthusiast @ logodesignbuzz


they were fun to make!!!!!

cool beans

This site is swagger! I love these planes

it is swagger!!!

it is swagger!!!

paper air planes

hello people i was doing this progect for scholl and if u ever need help with paper air planes this website has it all


I like this site I got a A+ on my test for making a airplane

this website

i hav ben makin these and trowin them out our hotel in china

research craft

my favorite is the ketch box

Good & Cool

I cant believe i finished the research craft section.It was soo cool! Tq for helping me.My friends always wanted a cool paper airplane!!!!Anyway i will start making the jet and bomber paper airplanes.COOL!

All done

I made all 50. Some work well, others don't.

Amazing site

so cool. this helps children and even adults enjoy making paper airplanes even more. great job.

Ramon V / Yano

Berracuda lover.....

why is'nt the chinook not landing so well



chestnut paper airplane

the chestnut paper airplane is impossible to make.

RE:chestnut paper airplane

ive made it it's not impossible

i agree

i agree

i agree aswell

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Pretty cool

Most of these are pretty cool. My favorite one is the Zebra. really fast.


I love fast planes.

pertty cool

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nice site

I liked most of them but they are easy

Paper Airplane

I love all the airplanes but one of them don't go very far. The moth airplane flew up to 7m and 70cm and that is true that they are easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



you need more paper airplanes

you need more paper airplanes

to easy

all the airplanes shown are tooeasy to fold none are challenging.

re:to easy

Yeah, looking is always way easier than making, try all before you say so!

paper airplanes

this paper airplane i made is super awlsome to build and it is super easy to make

paper airplanes

This paper air planes are so cool thrown the plane in the house my sister sleep it hit her right in the face.


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did the same my brother but he got mad and ripped my plane:(