Easy to Make Paper Airplanes

Easy to Make Paper Airplanes

If you’ve ever been a kid, you’ve folded a paper airplane. The traditional design is “The Dart Paper Airplanes” and these are the kind of paper airplanes that kids fold. Why? Because the darts are the easiest to fold. There are (5) variations of this schoolyard special on this website, four of which are included in this list. There are also several other easy designs that are not categorized in the Darts section, but they are included in this list. Just click on the links to get to the instructions pages. Without further ado, I present you the easy paper airplane designs!
How make Hammerhed paper airplane

Hammerhead Paper Airplane

The hammerhead paper airplane is the compact version of the classic. It has a tail for vertical stability. It has extra strong wings, making it a strong flyer. The tail also adds variety to its flight pattern. You can experiment with the tail size, taking care not to make it too big.
How make manta ray paper airplane

The Manta Ray Paper Airplane

Don’t let the forward swept winglets (canards) fool you! The Manta Ray paper airplane is, in fact, easy to fold. The canards give you extra control of its flight. This design requires a square sheet of paper.
How make seagull paper airplane

Seagull Paper Airplane

The Sea Gull paper airplane is a unique Delta Wing design and its tucked nose propels this elegant moving craft into a slow, long distance floater. This variation on a traditional glider design will float straight and far when folded well.
How make Marlin paper airplane

The Marlin Paper Airplane

The Marlin paper airplane is a simple variation of the classic dart. It can folded very easily and can be thrown really hard like a true-blue “blackboard bomber”. Add a paper clip on its nose and it can go even faster!
How make Hickory paper airplane

Hickory Paper Airplane

The Hickory paper airplane, a.k.a “The Squid”, is truly a classic. It’s easy to fold just like the other models you’ve seen above. It’s a basic Canard Flyer and requires a sheet of letter size, medium to heavy weight paper.
How make Falcon paper airplane

The Falcon Paper Airplane

The Falcon paper airplane belongs to the “Jets and Bombers” category. Most paper airplanes in that category are not very easy to fold ... except for this one! The Falcon has swept-back front winglets that give it a menacing appearance. It is a sturdy aircraft and flies well.
It can also do loops!
How make Hurricane paper airplane

The Hurricane Paper Airplane

The Hurricane Paper Airplane is fairly easy to fold and great fun to fly! This model has square, symmetrical wings and is typical of the Flying Wing style.