Glider Paper Airplanes

Easy to Make Paper Airplanes

These paper airplane glider designs have very large wing areas for maximum lift and long flight times. They are not fast flyers but in light winds they will fly really far and stay in the air a very long time. A light and gentle toss will generally give the best results when you launch your glider.
How make Hammerhed paper airplane

Pelican Paper Airplane

The pelican paper airplane is a great flying glider with a useful but fragile front canard wing.
How make kingfisher paper airplane

Kingfisher Paper Airplane

The Kingfisher Paper Airplane is an elegant floater that has pleasing curves. When folded carefully and tossed gently this design can achieve very long flight times.
How make seagull paper airplane

Seagull Paper Airplane

The Sea Gull paper airplane is also a unique Delta Wing design and a tucked nose create this elegant looking craft that is a slow long distance floater. This variation on a traditional glider design will float straight and far when folded well.
How make Marlin paper airplane

The Albatross Paper Airplane

The Albatross Paper Airplane is an elegant floater that flies very nicely. You can experiment with the size of the wing tips or even not add them at all for greater wing lift area.
How make Falcon paper airplane

The Chestnut Paper Airplane

The Chestnut paper plane has an extremely large main wing area and and additional canard wing at the front for even more lift. You can adjust the size of the wings relative to the fuselage to either gain more lift with a larger wing or more straight flying stability with a larger center section and smaller wings.
How make Hurricane paper airplane

The Hurricane Paper Airplane

The Hurricane Paper Airplane is a pure flying wing style of glider. The angled wing tips are optional and help with flight stability at the expense of greater wing lift.