Long Distance Paper Airplanes

Long Distance Paper Airplanes

To achieve long flight times and huge distances, you need to minimize your weigh-to-wing lift area. Since we are starting with a single piece of paper, we can't do too much about weight. That leaves maximizing the wing area and lift. Therefore, these long distance flyers all have large wing areas for maximum lift.
How make albatross paper airplane

Albatross Paper Airplane

With its heavy nose and extra vertical stabilizers, this all purpose glider can float or be made to do acrobatics. It is designed to be an indoor craft and is best made with medium to heavy weight paper. Click here for the complete step-by-step instructions on how to fold the Albatross paper airplane.
How make kingfisher paper airplane

Kingfisher Paper Airplane

The Kingfisher paper airplane is an elegant floater with pleasing curves! Heavier paper is recommended specially when you intend to fly this craft indoors. It is considered to be one of the best gliders and it can actually set distance records if properly folded and thrown correctly.
How make seagull paper airplane

Seagull Paper Airplane

The Sea Gull paper airplane is also a unique Delta Wing design and a tucked nose create this elegant looking craft that is a slow long distance floater. This variation on a traditional glider design will float straight and far when folded well.
How make Pelican paper airplane

Pelican Paper Airplane

It looks somewhat like a giant moth. The Pelican paper airplane will seem to fly on forever when launched from a high place. It is a versatile craft that works well with all weights of paper. The special nose flaps can be bent various ways to make flights more aerobatic and interesting.
How make Typhoon paper airplane

Typhoon Paper Airplane

This paper glider has a huge wing area and a very small fuselage for lots of lift and long flight times. The typhoon glider is a one of a kind light air floater.
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